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What if I have a Question About My Coverage?
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What is a wind mitigation inspection report and why should I get one?
A wind mitigation (WM) inspection report is where a licensed inspector comes to your home and looks in your attic.  They will note how your roof decking is attached to the truss, if you have toe nails, clips and/or single or double wrap, or if you roof is hip or gable.  Depending on the age of your roof you may qualify for discounts on your homeowner’s policy.  The cost of the WM ranges from $85 to $100.  We can send you a list of qualified inspectors in the area to assist you.
Why do I need to insure my home at replacement cost and not market value or assessed value?
This question is asked everyday in the office. An insurance policy is a contract between you and a company.
The company uses an independent Replacement Cost Estimator (RCE) that requires us, the agency, to complete the questions about your home. These questions range from square footage, quality of workmanship, flooring, wall coverings, built in items to swimming pools and enclosures.
Once we discuss all the features of the home and the information is entered into the RCE it then determines what the cost would be to replace your home under any circumstance.
What needs to be highlighted here is that this estimation takes into account all possibilities of loss and the expenses that can be incurred with that. For example, if a hurricane hits your neighborhood and there is widespread destruction the cost of goods and services rises immediately. The cost of demolition and hauling away debris gets very expensive and so does the repair.
Many things are overlooked before a loss occurs. For instance, having to take down a fence or move trees to get in a backyard to set a truss.  All of these items are considered in the RCE and much more to name.
An RCE may seem high. You may think that you would never need that amount – and we certainly hope that you don’t – but to make sure you are covered under any circumstance, we would rather over- than underestimate.